The spectacular island of Bali in the Indonesian archipelago offers a fantastic mixture of tribal culture, picturesque beaches, exciting activities and world-class amenities. Bali is an island paradise that has something for everyone to enjoy on vacation.

With a history dating back over 1,000 years there is much culture and countless historic sites to visit in Bali, Indonesia. In contrast to the historic past, Bali also provides a modern and developed tropical island paradise with large resorts and recreational activities to enjoy. This Bali travel guide will help tourist choose the best location to stay, what to expect and the things to do in Bali, Indonesia.

The capital city of Denpasar in the south of the island provides a cultural and business hub, which is a good starting point for Bali tourists. Located close to Denpasar is the impressive Nusa Dua area that has some of the Bali’s best hotels, restaurants and shops.

Further inland are various small villages that offer an insight into the Balinese culture, particularly in the larger city of Ubud, which houses many of Bali’s performing arts venues, art galleries and ancient heritage sites.

Where to go in Bali, Indonesia


Located in the south of the island (slightly inland) is the capital city of Bali. Travellers can enjoy this charming city is a bustling metropolis that houses government buildings. There are numerous cultural attractions inside the city such as the Pura Jaganatha Temple that displays a wide variety of ancient Balinese artifacts and artworks.


Situated at the foothills of the jungle rainforest of central Bali, Ubud has developed as the cultural hub of the island with an array of architecture, music, arts and dance. The surrounding area is particularly beautiful with lush green landscape and mountainous hills, a perfect place to go for nature sightseeing in Bali.

ubud bali

Nusa Dua

This recently developed area of the island is home to some of the newest and most exclusive resorts and hotels in Bali. The coastline is blessed with perfect white sand beaches and marine life filled coral reefs. The shopping in Nusa Dua is exceptional, with large malls and international name brands boutiques available.

Nusa dua bali

Kuta Resort Town

The once small fishing village of Kuta is now a luxurious resort town that offers Bali travellers a wide array of amenities and entertainment venues. Kuta is one of the most popular spots to stay on the island, with accommodation catering to all budgets and a smorgasbord of restaurants and bars.

kuta resort town bali

Sanur Beachside Resort Village

The popular beachside resort village of Sanur has long been a vacation destination in Bali with its beautiful beaches and abundance of tourist facilities. Located only a short drive from the capital, Denpasar, Sanur provides visitors with an opportunity to scuba dive, snorkel, sail and sunbathe.

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Situated northeast of Denpasar, Batubulan is known for its woodcarvings, which can be seen at the various ornate temples. Also small woodcarvings can be purchased as souvenirs from the countless roadside factories in the village.

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